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Collaboration in mooring solutions unveiled

Tue 18 Apr 2017 by Martyn Wingrove

Collaboration in mooring solutions unveiled
Management of Interocean and FMS agreed to amalgamate £40 million of mooring equipment in a joint inventory

Rigmar Group subsidiary Interocean Marine Services and First Marine Solutions (FMS) have joined forces to deliver mooring solutions worldwide. Their collaboration adds around £5 million (US$6.4 million) of mooring and offshore equipment to the multi-million dollar inventory.

Both companies are headquartered in Aberdeen and offer a complete package of integrated mooring services as FMS Interocean. This is available for maritime, offshore oil and renewables mooring projects that would involve tug support.

Interocean already had £35 million of mooring equipment in the inventory, so FMS boosts this to around £40 million. The alliance will provide total marine project solutions including joint provision of marine, engineering, moorings and survey services to global industries.

They will operate from bases outside of Scotland. Interocean also has operations in St Johns, Newfoundland. FMS holds stock in Norway, Canada, Holland and Trinidad. The FMS Interocean alliance has secured its first contract on an 18-month North Sea project and has plans to introduce additional marine services. These would include mooring integrity services and marine assurance services.

Interocean chief executive Keith Nelson commented: “The alliance with FMS was a logical step to take as we recognised what our clients wanted and needed to support future requirements in this ever changing and competitive market.” He added: “Merging our expertise with the advanced mooring equipment, means we can offer enhanced integrated mooring solutions, providing a higher quality of service, technical knowledge and kit that will be a more efficient and cost effective solution all round.”

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