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‘Free-float’ mode impresses in industry day for offshore access system

Fri 21 Apr 2017 by David Foxwell

‘Free-float’ mode impresses in industry day for offshore access system
Safeway has a free-float mode of operation that means it need not become physically attached to a platform

The Safeway walk-to-work offshore access system was demonstrated to industry last month and reportedly received excellent reviews.

“In a choppy North Sea amid 20-knot winds more than 100 safe and comfortable crossings proved that Safeway is ready for roll-out,” said Safeway. The system was fitted to Assodivers’ vessel Aethra. The tests took place at the L7C offshore platform in the North Sea, which is owned by Total E&P Nederland BV. 

One of those present, Runar Vågnes, vice president sales and marketing at Vard, said he believed that Safeway’s ‘free-float’ mode is a key selling point. This enables the access system to ‘float’ just above the entry point onto the platform, without actually touching it.

“Knowing how much documentation is asked of a shipowner to land on some oil and gas installations, I think this is definitely a feature many offshore operators will appreciate,” he said.

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