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GE invests in US maritime training centre

Fri 09 Dec 2016 by Martyn Wingrove

GE invests in US maritime training centre
Various marine operations can be taught using simulators at the Marine Technical Center

General Electric (GE) has reinvested in its dynamic positioning (DP) training school in Houston, USA in reaction to the changing requirements from offshore and maritime sectors. GE Marine Solutions has moved the Marine Technical Center to a larger facility in the Westway Plaza, Houston, and added new simulators.

The school offers hands-on immersion DP training using a fully interactive simulation suite. The centre recently gained accreditation to conduct sea-time reduction courses using its simulators from the Nautical Institute. Mariners undergoing this training will be credited with 30 days of DP sea-time when they complete the five-day courses.

Marine Technical Center has introduced new training courses that cover a larger scope of maritime operations as part of its expansion. This means it can train twice as many trainees as before and cover subjects such as power management automation, propulsion and drilling operations and maintenance courses. One of the new simulation facilities at the centre is a MV3000 medium-voltage switchboard, and another is a SD7000 low-voltage switchboard.

The centre offers courses on SeaStream DP, MV3000 drives, vessel automation and control systems. It intends to offer training on LV5, MV6 and SD7000 switchboard and switchgear from May 2017.

GE Marine Solutions president and chief executive Tim Schweikert said there was greater demand for training on this equipment. He added: “We see that demand for technical support and training is gaining momentum. We strongly believe in educating mariners on how to make the best use of these technologies to carry out safer and more efficient maritime operations.”

The centre will also be used by GE to provide support to ship operators in North America that have GE systems on board their vessels. GE is employing field engineers and remote monitoring and diagnostics through its SeaStream Insight and Visor solutions at the centre to deliver this technical support.

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