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Marine logistics solution could reduce costs and risk

Tue 12 Sep 2017 by David Foxwell

Marine logistics solution could reduce costs and risk
PlanSea Solutions Limited and ION Geophysical Corporation believe they can help cut costs in the offshore vessel industry

PlanSea Solutions Limited and ION Geophysical Corporation are to collaborate to improve the efficiency of offshore supply vessel logistics.

The companies state that, by embedding PlanSea’s logistics optimisation algorithms into ION's innovative Marlin offshore operations optimisation software, they aim to provide a comprehensive, real-time solution for marine logistics management that significantly reduces costs and risks.

ION's Marlin software provides a visualisation and communications infrastructure to gather supply vessel inventory, scheduling and task data from existing systems and workflows. Consolidating this data enables Marlin to provide comprehensive situational awareness information with supply vessel key performance indicators for analysis by management teams.

By integrating PlanSea’s field-proven optimisation algorithms with Marlin's supply vessel performance statistics, the collaboration seeks to ensure efficient operations are maintained at all times. This solution is also designed to further reduce offshore marine support costs by creating a platform to enable supply vessel fleet sharing between companies.

PlanSea chief executive Jim Cargill said “It is important for the future of our industry that companies collaborate to ensure that efficiencies are achieved at the earliest possible date. PlanSea’s software has successfully demonstrated major cost savings already and we look forward to working with ION and clients to optimise their offshore logistics operations.”

Executive vice president and chief operating officer of ION's E&P operations optimisation group, Chris Usher said “Our Marlin offshore operations management solution provides enhanced situational awareness and offshore activity planning. Our solution has been developed to bring these gains to offshore logistics, and collaborating with PlanSea allows us to offer a unique solution for optimisation, adding considerable value to the overall package. Together we are able to improve operational efficiencies and minimise HSE risk.”

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