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Propulsion technology unveiled at inaugural Asian conference

Fri 04 Aug 2017

Propulsion technology unveiled at inaugural Asian conference

Propulsion technology will be a major focus for discussion at Riviera Maritime Media’s inaugural Asian Tug Technology & Salvage Conference, which is supported by platinum sponsor Wärtsilä Marine Solutions and will be held in Singapore on 18-19 September.

There will be updates in the latest innovations in engine and thruster technology from companies such as Wärtsilä Marine Solutions, Caterpillar Propulsion and Niigata Power Systems. Wärtsilä manager of application engineering, propulsion Joost van Eijnatten will explain why the latest propulsion system have fewer components, less weight and reduced fuel consumption.

Niigata senior assistant manager for system design, marine engineering and the Engineering & Technology Centre, Takuro Hatamoto, will present different low-flashpoint gas-fuelled propulsion systems, including LNG-fuelled, dual-fuel and hybrid systems. 

At the Asian Tug Technology & Salvage Conference there will be a panel discussion exploring the reasons for switching from diesel mechanical propulsion to hybrid and electric propulsion. There will also be a presentation of the potential cost savings, benefits and challenges for LNG-fuelled tugs. 

Caterpillar Propulsion engineering supervisor Tobias Huuva will describe technologies that enhance bollard pull and towing operations on tugs. He will be supported by Rotortug naval architect Marinus Jansen to compare bollard pull across different manufacturers and tug designs. Mr Jansen will then describe the new generation of tug designs.

Multraship Towage & Salvage general counsel Julian Oggel will present the reasons for choosing a carrousel rave tug design for minimising specific tug stability risks: the carrousel technology eliminates the risk of tug capsizing by towline force.

Robert Allan principal and naval architect Todd Barber will describe how tugs are designed for enhanced manoeuvrability and improved operations in challenging sea conditions and weather.

The future of tug technology will also be discussed as Rolls-Royce Marine and Svitzer will present the benefits of remote and autonomous tug operations. More details on the conference programme can be found here.

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