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Recent vessel developments

Tue 28 Feb 2017

Recent vessel developments
Ceona Amazon has been acquired by McDermott, which plans to upgrade the vessel with a J-lay system

McDermott acquires Ceona Amazon

McDermott International has acquired the pipelay and construction vessel Ceona Amazon “to better position the company for ultra-deepwater and subsea umbilicals, risers and flowlines (SURF) projects”.

“This is a great opportunity for the company to expand the technical capabilities of our global fleet and grow in the deepwater and SURF markets and greatly increase our ultra-deepwater project coverage,” said David Dickson, president and CEO of McDermott. “Due to current market conditions and the opportunistic nature of the transaction, we were able to acquire what is essentially a new, enabling asset at a fraction of the original build cost.”

McDermott plans to upgrade the vessel to address the ultra-deepwater market with a J-lay system. In the near term, the company plans to make minor capital expenditure investments to bring the vessel up to company standards. As McDermott finalises its upgrade plans, the company plans to use the vessel on existing construction and pipelay projects.

Funding for the vessel acquisition has been secured through a sale and leaseback arrangement under which McDermott has control of the vessel in exchange for a daily charter-hire rate. The planned upgrade with the J-lay system and related financing are expected to be considered in line with market conditions.

Statoil places contract for quartet of ERRVs

Statoil has awarded Simon Møkster Shipping contracts for three emergency response and rescue vessels (ERRVs) and has awarded Havila Shipping a contract for one ERRV. The contracts have a total value, included options, of NKr2.7 billion (US$322.6 million). The vessels will be part of Statoil’s area-wide emergency response on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).  

“Statoil has an extensive emergency preparedness system on the NCS, and through the contracts, we have secured four vessels that are tailored to our waters. I look forward to continuing our long-standing and good partnership with Simon Møkster Shipping and Havila Shipping,” said Philippe F Mathieu, Statoil’s senior vice president for joint operations support. 

The contracts will run for seven years, with five one-year extension options, and each follows on from an existing contract for the vessels. The three vessels from Simon Møkster Shipping are Stril Poseidon, Stril Merkur and Stril Herkules. Havila Shipping has been awarded a contract for Havila Troll. Stril Poseidon’s contract takes effect in July 2018 when its existing contract expires, Stril Merkur’s contract takes effect in December 2018, Stril Herkules’ contract takes effect in December 2018 and Havila Troll’s contract takes effect in November 2017.

Fugro plans acquisition of Rem Etive

Fugro has secured its continued utilisation of the inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) vessel Rem Etive and has finalised a purchase agreement at conditions significantly more beneficial than a renewed charter agreement with owner Solstad.

The move supports a portfolio of IMR contracts being executed by Fugro in the Asia Pacific region and is expected to strengthen the company’s position in relation to future subsea inspection business in the area.

Rem Etive has been operating in Southeast Asian waters for Fugro under a charter agreement since 2007 and is mobilised with a comprehensive range of Fugro equipment for specialised subsea inspection and field support projects. Retaining the benefits of the vessel’s assured performance and notable versatility will result in seamless project execution and provide the continuity that is essential in operational management.

Glomar bags extension to long-term contract

Glomar Offshore has secured a two-year extension for the charter of Glomar Patriot on the UKCS. Glomar Patriot is a 2013-converted Class B O&G UK (UKOOA) ERRV.

Mark van der Star, chief commercial officer of Glomar, said, “This contract marks a milestone where half of our current ERRV tonnage is committed on long-term charters for 2017 and 2018 and shows our clients’ continuous interest and trust in our services.”

Ultra Deep newbuild now under construction

Ultra Deep Solutions has held a steel-cutting ceremony for its newbuild Deep Installer. 

Deep Installer is our biggest project to date in our company’s short history. Our growth is continuing in the right direction, and this vessel positions us very well for strategic locations in the world. Our delivery is the fourth quarter of 2018, which is perfectly timed,” said the company’s CEO, Shel Hutton.


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