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SAFETY ALERT: near-miss after bunkering hose fell to deck

Mon 18 Sep 2017 by David Foxwell

SAFETY ALERT: near-miss after bunkering hose fell to deck

The International Marine Contractors Association has issued a safety flash about an incident where a bunkering hose dropped to the deck of a vessel from a height of 11 m.

The vessel had just completed cargo operations with an offshore supply vessel. The operation had included the transfer onto the vessel of a fuel bunker hose.

In preparation for fuel bunkering operations the vessel’s rigging crew lifted the hose using pre-installed hose saddles and lifting slings that were attached.

When the hose was approximately 11 m in the air, one end of it dropped to the deck.  Fortunately, no one was harmed.

What went wrong? What were the causes?

On inspection, it was identified that the lifting sling had been incorrectly installed on the hose saddle. The sling should have been choked around the saddle and fuel hose but instead, was found choked around the non-load bearing urethane sling guide.

Although no one was harmed, and no one was standing directly under the load, closed circuit television footage showed deck crew in ‘at risk’ positions during the lifting operation and handling the load for no apparent reason.

What lessons were learnt? What actions were taken?

  • Safe positioning of lifting crew during crane operations – active supervision at all times.
  • Thorough inspection – before use – of all prerigged lifting equipment coming from external parties.
  • Reiteration of the importance and the correct use of lift plans.

Stop the job when exposed to unfamiliar equipment.

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