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Updated position reference system tackles longstanding offshore issue

Wed 11 Oct 2017 by David Foxwell

Updated position reference system tackles longstanding offshore issue
CyScan AS was developed to address a longstanding industry problem with false reflections

Guidance Marine has introduced a new version of its laser position reference system CyScan, CyScan AS, which uses ‘Absolute Signature’ technology to eliminate a longstanding industry challenge with false reflections and authenticates target detection.

“CyScan AS, when accompanied by the Absolute Signature Prism, is able to deliver levels of confidence previously unachievable in laser position reference sensor navigation,” the company claimed. “An enhancement of the CyScan Mk4 sensor, the signature allows immediate and definitive elimination of clutter. The synergy between CyScan AS and the AS Prism redefines laser performance for dynamic positioning (DP) operations.”

AS signature recognition technology distinguishes between targets and false reflections such as high visibility workwear. The technology acquires the correct target in a cluttered environment and maintains signature lock throughout the duration of the operation.

The AS dashboard user interface automatically identifies AS prism targets, which reduces the workload on a DP operator in identifying and selecting targets.

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