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A busy year on the DP front

Mon 18 Feb 2019 by Ed Martin

A busy year on the DP front
Capt Andy Goldsmith (IMCA): New scheme will give confidence that DP practitioners are qualified to the IMCA standard

IMCA marine technical adviser Capt Andy Goldsmith discusses the record number of DP station-keeping events reported in 2018

The publication of IMCA’s Dynamic Positioning Station Keeping Review (IMCA M 248) coincided with the European Dynamic Positioning Conference on 5 February 2019. In 2018, 147 DP station-keeping reports were received from IMCA members operating DP vessels; all were analysed and are included in the publication. For the second year running, participation in the scheme has increased significantly. This is a welcome and positive reaction from the industry, which recognises the importance of sharing data so that lessons learnt can contribute to the safe and efficient operation of DP vessels.

Compared to 2017, 50% more reports were received from 33% more vessels in 2018. The 147 reports were submitted by 100 vessels – an average of 1.5 reports per vessel. There are three categorisation levels: DP Incident; DP Undesired Event; and DP Observation.

“M 248 provides a summary of all the reports. It gives the main cause, the secondary cause, the operation under way at the time and the DP class”

Those making a report are urged to provide both a main and a secondary cause of the event. The largest percentage of main causes reported for 2018 involved thruster/propulsion (35%); computer and position reference systems were the next largest (21%). The largest secondary causes were electrical (42%) and human factors (23%).

M 248 provides a summary of all the reports. It gives the main cause, the secondary cause, the operation under way at the time and the DP class.

DP Practitioner Accreditation Scheme

On 1 May, IMCA’s DP Practitioner Accreditation Scheme will be launched; the application process being opened.

The scheme will give confidence that DP practitioners attending vessels for trials and personnel conducting DP assurance duties are qualified to the IMCA standard. Gaining and maintaining accreditation will also assist practitioners to increase their knowledge base.

Two categories of personnel will be eligible for the scheme: a DP Trials and Assurance Practitioner and a Company DP Authority. To be eligible for accreditation, applicants require a specified level of relevant certification, experience and knowledge. Following acceptance of the initial criteria, they will be required to sit a multiple-choice examination.

The scheme is designed to improve the consistency and conduct of DP trials, and set an expected level of knowledge for DP practitioners.

The DP Committee’s agenda

It is going to be a busy year for IMCA’s Marine DP Committee. Some of the tasks to be undertaken, such as providing information on remote trials, are a direct result of the Marine Technical Session at our highly successful Annual Seminar in November 2018.

The following also figure on our action list:

  • Amalgamating all IMCA DP position reference guidance into one document;
  • Reviewing the library of our DP guidance documents and information notes; and
  • Developing communications with offshore DP personnel to better understand current issues onboard DP vessels.

And top of your list? Keep those DP event reports coming in and share M 248’s contents to ensure continuous improvement of safety and efficiency within the DP community.

For further information on IMCA’s Marine Division, click here.

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