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Converted PSV returns to service as walk-to-work ship

Thu 08 Mar 2018 by David Foxwell

Converted PSV returns to service as walk-to-work ship
Kasteelborg is the second of two walk-to-work vessels that NAM/Shell have contracted from Wagenborg

Wagenborg Offshore in the Netherlands has brought a second walk-to-work ship into service. 

The vessel, Kasteelborg, was converted from a standard Ulstein PX121 platform supply vessel (PSV, the former Blue Queen) into a specialised walk-to-work vessel, at the Royal Niestern Sander shipyard. 

Kasteelborg will support offshore activity in the southern North Sea under a six-year contract with NAM and Shell UK Exploration & Production. 

The vessel will also provide emergency response and rescue vessel (ERRV) services.

In 2017 Wagenborg and Ulstein signed an agreement for the delivery of the PX121 PSV. It also signed an agreement with Royal Niestern Sander to convert the PSV into a walk-to-work/ERRV vessel.

The PX121 was equipped with an additional accommodation module, motion compensated gangway and motion compensated crane, to comply with the requirements of NAM-Shell.

Wagenborg already has one vessel of this type, Kroonborg, also working for NAM/Shell.

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