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IMCA's DP accreditation scheme off to a flying start

Tue 14 May 2019 by Ed Martin

IMCA's DP accreditation scheme off to a flying start
“Far more people from around the world registered interest than we had expected”

IMCA's technical adviser Captain Andy Goldsmith looks at the uptake of the newly launched DP accreditation scheme

Work on IMCA’s DP Practitioner Accreditation Scheme began in early 2018 when IMCA’s Marine Division Management Committee appointed a workgroup of DP experts from member companies, who have been developing the scheme ready for its launch at the beginning of May this year.

Far more people from around the world registered interest than we had hoped for, showing just how eagerly people have been waiting for the scheme to be officially opened.

The scheme is designed to improve the consistency and conduct of DP trials throughout our industry and to set a recognised level of knowledge for DP practitioners responsible for developing, witnessing and reporting DP trials, and those responsible for the management of the DP assurance processes.

There are two categories of accreditation:

  • A DP Trials and Assurance Practitioner - an individual actively involved in producing, witnessing and assessing the results of DP FMEA proving trials and DP annual trial programmes; and
  • A company DP Authority - the responsible individual managing DP assurance processes for a vessel operator or end charterer.

It is vital that DP practitioners attending vessels for trials and those conducting DP assurance duties in both vessel operators and client offices are accredited by an internationally recognised scheme such as IMCA’s, which ensures that the requirement of the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) White Paper on DP assurance is met; and that DP trials practitioners and office-based personnel maintain and continually develop knowledge and competence.

“Far more people from around the world registered interest than we had expected”

For the individuals applying there are several benefits to becoming an accredited DP Trials and Assurance Practitioner or Company DP Authority. Successful applicants will be recognised by the industry for achieving accreditation. All accredited individuals will receive an electronic certificate to recognise their achievement, which can be downloaded and printed for display purposes. They can then state they are ‘IMCA accredited’ and will receive a dated (anniversary of accreditation date) photo ID card, which can be used to verify both their identity and their accreditation. 

DP vessel operators and their clients will benefit in the knowledge that the person charged with providing assurance during DP trials and those managing DP operations in their own organisations are accredited to a recognised level.

Throughout the build-up to the official launch of the scheme we made it clear that before applying, applicants should satisfy themselves that they meet the requirements of qualifications, certification, experience and knowledge for their chosen category of application to avoid the risk of a failed application and associated costs. Requirements are clearly set out in the application pack and suite of supporting documentation, all of which can be found on IMCA’s website.

The examination is electronically delivered and consists of eight modules in a multiple-choice format (Code of Conduct, IMCA guidance documents, DP control systems, DP power systems, thrusters and thruster control systems, DP documentation, IMCA M190 – Guidance for Developing & Conducting DP Annual Trials Programmes and DP Scenarios). Each module consists of a randomised set of questions from a large question pool.

A list of successful applicants and those with expired accreditation is maintained by IMCA. Successful practitioners become ‘IMCA accredited’.

For more information visit IMCA’s website or catch up with IMCA speakers who are presenting the DP Accreditation Scheme at the following events durng 2019:

  • Marine Safety Forum, All Members Meeting, 30 May (Aberdeen)
  • International Institute Marine Surveyors (IIMS) Conference, 19 June (London)
  • DP Asia Conference, 3-4 July (Singapore)
  • Asia OSJ Conference, 17-18 September (Singapore)

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