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Reach Subsea charters Topaz newbuild vessel

Thu 08 Nov 2018 by Ed Martin

Reach Subsea charters Topaz newbuild vessel
Topaz Tiamat's work scope will largely comprise IMR, subsea construction and survey work

Topaz Energy and Marine has signed a long-term agreement with Reach Subsea to charter newbuild vessel Topaz Tiamat.

Dubai-based offshore marine logistics company Topaz is to mobilise the vessel in Norway for delivery to Reach Subsea in mid-February. The contract covers a firm 2.5-year charter with three yearly options.

The work scope will largely comprise IMR, subsea construction and survey work.

Ordered in 2015, Topaz Tiamat is a light subsea construction vessel designed and built by Vard in Norway. It measures 98.1 m in length by 20 m in breadth, has a draft of 6 m and a dwt of 3,000. It has a dynamic positioning class of DP2 and its propulsion comes from two 2,000-kW Azipull thrusters along with two 1,650-kW bow-mounted tunnel CPP thrusters and a 1,500-kW retractable azimuthing thruster. It is also equipped with an active-heave compensated 120-tonne subsea construction crane. Accomodation is provided for 82 people at a comfort class of 3.

Prior to delivery the vessel will undergo a battery pack upgrade and have two hangar-deployed deepwater-capable work-class ROVs integrated.

Topaz chief executive Rene Kofod-Olsen said “Topaz Tiamat, and its sister vessel Topaz Tangaroa represent Topaz’s strategic reinvestment into the growing subsea segment.

“This newbuild project was executed counter-cyclically at a time of great turmoil in the broader offshore market, making it particularly rewarding to see the first vessel leave the yard and, as expected, go straight onto a significant long-term contract with a strong subsea partner like Reach.”

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