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Sensor combination will seek out offshore oil spills

Tue 13 Mar 2018 by David Foxwell

Sensor combination will seek out offshore oil spills
Miros is well-known in the offshore vessel industry for its radar and IR-based detection technology

Two Norwegian companies with expertise in sensor technology are to work together to enhance oil spill detection.

Miros and Ocean Visuals are to collaborate to combine remote sensors for oil spill detection and verification. The companies are co-operating to provide customers with a set of complimentary detection and verification sensors, addressing all aspects of surveillance, detection and verification.

Miros is well-known for its radar and infrared-based surveillance and detection systems which can detect and track oil spills over a large area.

Ocean Visuals has pioneered the use of hyperspectral laser-induced fluorescence (HLIF)-based light detection and ranging (LiDAR). HLIF LiDAR provides high resolution point measurements for detection and verification.

The Norwegian companies plan to use remote sensing and combinations of different sensors that can be easily mounted on oil spill vessels and topsides.

Miros chief executive Andreas Brekke said “The real novelty of our co-operation is being able to solve a wider range of our customers’ operational challenges. We can offer detection capabilities at all relevant distances and across a wider range of operating scenarios, with unprecedented automated verification capabilities”.

Ocean Visuals chief executive Christian Testman said “We are excited to co-operate with Miros and support their already large client base. This is an important first step towards true sensor fusion in oil spill detection.”

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